What is the role of casting slag remover?
Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?
The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!

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Henan Yuzhong New Materials company was established in July 1996, the factory is located in Tianguan road, Linying county, Henan province, covering an area of 80,000 ㎡. It has convenience transportation which is closed to major high-speed way and railway. The registered trademark ”Yingchuan” is Henan famous brand. It is awarded the national vanguard casting materials enterprise, the national leading enterprise of profession, special, perfect and new, Henan Provincial integrity of private enterprises and vice-chairman unit of Henan casting materials association.

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pyrite, cleaner agent, carburant, desulfurizer and phosphorus iron. 

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The company has been awarded the national leader in foundry materials, and the country’s “special special” enterprise.

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What is the role of casting slag remover?
The time spent on the melting furnace is long, and naturally there will be slag. Cleaning the slag is a difficult task. Our company's DFC-300 high-efficiency casting slag removal agent produced by the
Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?
In terms of the performance and use of the product, we need to add a slag remover to the casting, because the slag remover can remove the impurities in the casting greatly, to a certain extent, improv
The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!
With the continuous development and innovation of China's foundry technology, new casting equipment and casting technology are constantly being applied, and large-scale casting automatic molding lines
How is the difference between casting and forging?
In fact, it is difficult to distinguish between forging and casting from the appearance, but in fact, the forging wheel is much lighter than the casting wheel, and the weight of the forging and castin

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