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What is the role of casting slag remover?
Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?
The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!


The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!


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The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!

With the continuous development and innovation of China's foundry technology, new casting equipment and casting technology are constantly being applied, and large-scale casting automatic molding lines

With the continuous development and innovation of China's foundry technology, new casting equipment and casting technology are constantly being applied, and large-scale casting automatic molding lines have been rapidly promoted and used in China. The use of casting slag removers is also the first to bear the brunt and play an important role in industrial development. In order to facilitate our detailed understanding of its performance, today, Xiaobian briefly introduces its features and usage, hoping to be helpful to everyone's use!

Casting slag remover is used in smelting process of ferrous metal, hot-melting furnace, steelmaking, casting, steel casting, etc. in ferrous metal hot-processing industry, which can adjust the difficult-to-process slag formed by the melting process and make it Concentrated and condensed into a viscous and suitable plastic slag layer. Thereby, the slag formed during the melting process is removed conveniently, completely and cleanly. Avoid casting slag and reduce the rate of casting scrap. Improve the utilization rate of smelting metal, improve the quality of castings, reduce energy consumption, shorten the operation cycle, and facilitate operation.

1.Honvenient slag

Slag smelting is an important process operation, and at the same time it is heavy physical and high temperature labor. The slag removing agent has obvious slag collecting effect on the ferrous metal. Whether in the ladle or in the crucible furnace, the reverberatory furnace, the electric furnace, when the original slag is added to the large-scale slag removing agent, the slag is quickly accumulated into a slag layer which is easily separated from the metal melt. Acrylic amino baking varnish makes it easy and quick to slag, ensuring that the molten metal enters the next process cleanly.

2.High efficiency slag

Before pouring the slag, adding Daye slag remover to the ladle or furnace can form a floating layer on the surface of the metal solution body, which can block the sporadic slag, eliminating the manual slag and improving the production efficiency. According to the need, the floating layer can be formed or the strip-shaped scum can be formed in the ladle and the furnace mouth to effectively block the slag.

3.High insulation performance

The floating layer formed by the slag removing agent on the surface of the metal liquid has good heat insulating property to the metal liquid. This pair of intermediate subcontracting or metal solution bodies that require a longer parking time is a good thermal insulation covering agent.

4. The slag removing agent has no pollution to metal solution and no penetration, and does not affect its chemical composition and mechanical properties of the casting.

5. The slag removing agent not only reduces the labor intensity of high temperature operation of slag slag, but also helps to control pollution, purify the operating environment, and civilized production.

4.Usage and dosage:

The slag removing agent is convenient to use, and the artificial or spray gun can be evenly spread on the surface of the solution. When used for cleaning slag, after the large-scale slag removing agent is evenly spread on the surface of the solution, the slag can be smashed by stirring.

The slag removing agent is generally used in an amount of 0.5-1 KG/ton of metal solution. According to the surface area of ​​the exposed metal solution, the temperature is high and low, and the application amount of the large-scale slag removing agent is appropriately increased or decreased.