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What is the role of casting slag remover?
Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?
The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!


Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?


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Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?

In terms of the performance and use of the product, we need to add a slag remover to the casting, because the slag remover can remove the impurities in the casting greatly, to a certain extent, improv

In terms of the performance and use of the product, we need to add a slag remover to the casting, because the slag remover can remove the impurities in the casting greatly, to a certain extent, improve the purity of the casting, and the slag remover It can prevent the heat loss of molten iron.

Deslagging agents may be rarely seen in daily life, but in the metallurgical industry, the use of slag removers is very extensive. The main function of slag removers is to remove impurities from molten iron and molten steel. Its main raw materials are high quality. The perlite sand, at the same time, because it is very effective in the slag removal process of molten iron and molten steel, and the operation is simple and safe, the slag removal agent is a very important auxiliary agent in the metallurgical industry.

So what are the advantages of the slag removal agent? First of all, the slag removal effect of the slag removal agent is very good, and it is safe and convenient to not splatter, stick to the wall, or hang the wall during use. Secondly, the slag removing agent is also an excellent heat insulating agent. When the slag removing agent is placed in the molten iron, a film having a very low thermal conductivity is formed on the surface of the molten iron, which is very effective for blocking the heat energy of the molten iron. Finally, the slag removal agent is an environmentally friendly and harmless green product, and it does not have any adverse effects on the metal solution. Therefore, our slag remover uses it as a purifying agent for industrial production.

Deslagging agent, this is a very inconspicuous small paving material in the casting material. For example, in the previous manual molding, the slag removing agent used in the period of using the artificial iron ladle, the foundry only considered that as long as the iron water can be removed. Scum can be used; in most of today's workshops using automatic molding line production, the slag remover must require the slag remover to soften the filming time, the reaction speed is fast, the dust is small, and the molten iron must be shortened from the furnace. The time during the pouring to meet the rapid production process and avoid spheroidal decline.