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What is the role of casting slag remover?
Why do you need a slag remover in the cast iron industry?
The characteristics and use of casting slag remover!


What is the role of casting slag remover?


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What is the role of casting slag remover?

The time spent on the melting furnace is long, and naturally there will be slag. Cleaning the slag is a difficult task. Our company's DFC-300 high-efficiency casting slag removal agent produced by the

The time spent on the melting furnace is long, and naturally there will be slag. Cleaning the slag is a difficult task. Our company's DFC-300 high-efficiency casting slag removal agent produced by the new technology of national scientific research institutes is a new type of chemical auxiliaries in the smelting and casting process. It is a new generation product in the slag removal process of the foundry industry, with good slag trapping, Deslagging and insulation properties. Let's take a look at it from four points.

1. It is spread on the surface of the molten metal and can be expanded into a viscous active material under the action of high temperature. It quickly adsorbs the slag and impurities in the gold melt, and forms a plastic slag shell covering the surface of the melt. Polyslag, slag removal, purification of molten liquid effect. Improve the intrinsic quality of castings, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, shorten operating cycle, and improve utilization of smelting metals. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it can effectively maintain the heat preservation effect. This product is mainly used for smelting casting of cast steel, cast iron, ball steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, special steel and non-ferrous metals.

Second, the role and use of:

1. Deslagging and slag removal: High-efficiency slag removal agent can be used in ladle, crucible boiler, electric furnace and reverberatory furnace. After being evenly spread on the surface of the melt by hand, it can be quickly accumulated into a slag shell which is easy to separate from the metal solution by a little agitation, and the pure solution can be obtained by removing the slag shell, thereby reducing the sand inclusion of the casting and improving the quality. And the cost is low, no explosion, no safety, reliable and easy to use. If it is necessary to block the slag, the slag agent can be added to the ladle or the furnace mouth before casting after the slag slag to form a strip dam, sticking the sporadic slag, eliminating the manual slag, reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency.

2. Insulation performance: The high-efficiency slag agent has low thermal conductivity. The floating layer formed on the surface of the molten metal can prevent the heat conduction and heat radiation of the solution and become a good thermal insulation layer. This is an excellent thermal insulation agent for intermediate subcontracting or metal solutions that require longer periods of time.

3. Environmental protection: High-efficiency slag agent has no pollution to metal molten liquid, no penetration, no influence on its chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings. Smokeless, dust-free and harmful gas pollution can purify the environment and produce in a civilized way.

4. Dosage: The high-efficiency slag agent is generally added in a amount of 15-20kg/T metal solution, which can be increased or decreased according to the size of the melt, the temperature, and the impurity content of the smelting metal.