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Phosphorus Pig Iron

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Phosphorus Pig Iron

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Executive Standard: Q/lyzt 002-2012

1、Product Description

Due to the state's control over the production scale and environmental protection index of the electrolytic aluminum industry, the domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises have been in fierce competition for energy saving, improvement of environment and technological progress. In order to adapt to the technological transformation of the domestic electrolytic aluminum industry, our company and the experts and technicians of the electrolytic aluminum industry jointly developed a new product "phosphorus pig iron" in July 2000. The product is to control the five components of cast iron, including carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and manganese, in accordance with the various indexes and technical requirements of the electrolytic aluminum anode casting. The process of mixing of phosphorus iron, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese and pig iron was changed., the effect is remarkable, obtained the electrolytic aluminium industry expert and the engineering technical personnel's unanimous praise through the use in recent years. It has more than 50% domestic users and exports to Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and other countries.

2、Range of application

This product special for the anode steel claw and anode carbon block casting connection of the electrolytic aluminum plant. It is suitable for the medium frequency furnace, the working frequency furnace and the cupola.

3、Chemical composition

The chemical composition may also be produced according to the actual situation of each enterprise.

C Si S P Mn
I 2.6-3.8 2.0-3.5 ≤0.20 0.8-1.6 0.4-0.9
II 3.0-4.2 2.0-3.0 ≤0.10 0.8-1.6 0.5-1.2


4、Product Feature and Effect

Phosphorus pig iron for does not need to mix ratio of iron, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, pig iron, this not only makes the anode casting process simplified, time saving, energy saving, also solved the silicon, phosphorus, iron, ferromanganese due to weathering, broken powder and charging after oxidation and volatilization loss and pollution problems. It has irreplaceable effect on civilized production and environmental standards.

The content of five elements of special phosphorus pig iron is stable and accurate. It can decrease the melting point of 100-150 ℃ Than the latest technology, and can make each furnace melting time 15 minutes thereby saving electricity, fuel and improves working efficiency.

Special phosphorus pig iron used in electrolytic cell in the process, can make the iron carbon the whole series pressure drop stable and consistent, it is advantageous for the electrolytic production technology conditions of adjustment to the economic and technical index of the stability improve laid a solid foundation

It has good fluidity during melt pouring if use phosphorus pig iron, the gate is full and smooth, the advantages of anti-graphitization after cooling are prominent and easy to be separated. This product can prolong the service life of steel claw

Both steel claw and carbon material have good adhesion strength so as to avoid the loss of anode during electrolysis.

5、The regulation and use of phosphorus iron and phosphorus iron ring in circulation.

1.The circulation of the phosphorus pig iron use cycle is the key to the anode assembly shop of fine management and the sense of responsibility, the use of two or three times before, the basic content of each element to keep within the scope of the regulation of index, after several times of using the normal state of phosphorus pig iron, each has the new change of each element in high temperature melting process, according to the changes in the elements of phosphorus pig iron recycle ratio and phosphorus iron ring furnace, such as the proportion of phosphorus pig iron and phosphorus pig iron ring for 2:8 3:7 5: 5 6: 4 7: 3...In this way, the liquid of iron water is guaranteed and the phosphorus iron is kept in good condition.

2.Phosphorus pig iron with low phosphorus iron hoop proportion of carbon content in molten iron can be added to special carburant, increase the content of carbon and sulfur content out of range, to join the dedicated desulfurizer, sulphur control within the prescribed scope. The dosage is determined according to the content of carbon and sulfur in pig iron.

3.It is difficult to avoid impurities in the mixture of phosphorous iron and phosphorus iron ring, which can be used to remove impurities and improve casting quality and pass rate.

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